We are predominantly a word-of-mouth business with repeat clients. We have unertaken a range of home decorating and styling jobs with great results and success.

We apply the following approach to our interior design jobs:

1. Connect & Collaborate

We take the approach of meeting face-to-face with a potential client to understand their specific and unique requirements. We perform a site visit and take "before photos", take measurements and make observations of the existing interior with its strengths and areas for improvement.

The client's wishes for their new interior look are explored in a collaborative way so that the vision is well understood. Budgetary and other constraints are discussed. 

2. Concept

The designer then goes away and creates a report that describes the brief, and provides for a conceptual design that meets the vision. This comprises of the explanation of the initial brief, as well as the proposed floor layout or interior space design, and a visual moodboard showing colour schemes, furnishings, lighting and decor elements to be incorporated into the final look.


3. Clear, Create & Construct 

The report also includes an implementation plan taking the conceptual ideas into the completed project.  



High Meadow Grove - Home styling

Kids Playroom Creation

Guest Bedroom Styling - Valbonne

Main Bedroom Styling - Valbonne